Blackboard Rubrics and Alternatives

Rubrics CubeCurrently Blackboard Learn 9.1 has limited capability for utilizing rubrics for grading purposes but Blackboard stated more advance gradable rubrics will be coming Summer 2011.

Just in case you can’t wait until Summer 2011 we have a few different options that might help you until enhancements have been made.

Blackboard Rubrics

Rubric are available in Blackboard to attach to assignment but are just viewable for grading with non interactivity or auto calculations. Watch this short video on how to create a rubric in Blackboard Learn and how to attach it to a particular graded item.

Blackboard On Demand: Creating a Grading Rubric – Watch It!

Once you have the a rubric assigned to a particular graded item, it can be viewed while grading this item to add comments. The rubric will open in a new window (pop up) once clicked to view while grading. Below are examples of where you will find the View Rubric button while grading.

View Rubric for Assignments

Click View Rubric for Assignments while grading

View Rubric for Discussions

Click View Rubric for Discussions, Blogs, & Journals

Excel for Rubrics

Rubrics can be created in Microsoft Excel utilizing worksheets that can be turned automated by using AUTO SUM equations to totally up your scores automatically as you grade each assignment.

Visit a Learning Technology Center (LTC) for additional help with Microsoft Excel

Adobe Acrobat Pro for Rubrics

Utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro (Must Purchase or visit a LTC to utilize) you can take your saves PDF Rubrics (created in Word or Excel) and add comments, highlight what criteria they met, and add in your own scores. Remember this won’t automatically total your score but can be saved, attached, and set to not allow changes to the file. Remember PDF files can be viewed easily by using FREE Adobe Reader software almost any computer has installed. These saved files can be attached in Blackboard when making comments in the grade center.

Free Online Rubric Tools


RubiStar is a tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics, but does not have the time to develop them from scratch. Search through their massive database to get ideas too.


Use iRubric to build rubrics and access them from anywhere, create grade books and use rubrics for easy grading, distribute rubrics to students, and much more – for free.


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