How can I add a RSS feed to my Blackboard Course?

As an instructor, you can add a RSS news feed (what is RSS?) to your class content in Blackboard by following these steps:

1. Locate the RSS feed page. If a website contains a RSS feed, most browsers use one of the following symbols:

RSS Feed Icons

Click on the icon to find the address (URL) of the RSS feed. Copy the address feed.

2. Go to Feed2JS and paste the URL address of the RSS feed into the URL box (NOTE: use the “http://” prefix instead of “feed://” for the URL address). You can configure how you want the feed to look with the following options on that page (e.g., number of items to display, item descriptions, etc.) and then clicking on the “Preview Feed” button.

3. When you have configured the feed how you want it to display, click on the “Generate JavaScript” button. The Feed2JS site will generate code for you to copy and paste on your Blackboard page. Copy the code.

4. Inside Blackboard, go to any Content area and click on the “Add Item” button. Enter a title for the RSS feed you will display.

5. Next, click on the <> Toggle HTML Source Mode button within the Text Box Editor panel…

Text Editor HTML Code Instert Button

…and paste the code. Then click on the “Submit” button at the bottom right of the page and view how your RSS feed displays.

RSS Feed in Blackboard Example

Tutorial by Gary Kokaisel – Manager – Learning Technology Center Osceola Campus


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2 Responses to How can I add a RSS feed to my Blackboard Course?

  1. Scott Hurrey says:

    Very cool! In addition, if you have Community system licensed, you can also create a channel module that loads an RSS Feed and displays in a course/org/My Institution page. In addition, once you create it, you can export it into a Building Block and distribute it.

  2. Andrew Chambers says:

    Just a note:
    In our version of 9.1 in a content area you need to drop down the menu item “Build Content” and then you will see “Create Item”. Other than that this is a great tip that I am passing on to my teaching staff!

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