There are only 10 weeks until you lose access to WebCT – are you Ready?

All summer courses have been loaded into Blackboard Learn 9.1 for Summer 2011 term

If you are still teaching in WebCT CE8 this Spring semester, it is time to start making plans for summer. Spring 2011 is the last semester we will be teaching in two different versions of this software.  All summer courses will be taught in Blackboard 9.1 Learn.


What do I have to do to prepare for Summer? 

  • We will continue to operate both CE8 and BB9.1 until the end of Spring 2011 Semester.
  • Faculty will be able to access their course materials and create backups until May 28, 2011 at 11:00pm.  After that date, all materials will need to be in BB9.1.
  • All Valencia courses (regardless of instructional method) will be taught in BB9.1 Learn starting with Summer 2011 courses.
  • In the event of grade disputes, Valencia system administrators will be able to assist you in recovering your data and helping you to access the required information to investigate the dispute.
  • All summer 2011 courses have been loaded into Blackboard and are ready for you to begin development on your course materials.
  • If you are not teaching this summer, you are encouraged to request development spaces from for each course you would like to migrate from WebCT CE to Blackboard Learn

 Blackboard Learn 9.1 Training

Faculty will have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of resources to help prepare to utilize the new system.  This includes LTAD 3282 Blackboard Essentials (both facilitated or self-paced), weekly 2-hr special topics workshops, and migration support through our Learning Technology Centers. For a complete listing of training opportunities, please visit our blog for additional information: Training Opportunities Spring 2011.  Below you will find the opportunities available for the remainder of the Spring Semester.  Several Options are available:

§  Blackboard Essentials Self-Paced is available to every Valencia employee.  You can access this course by visiting: and entering your atlas username & password to access the materials. 

§  LTAD 3282 Blackboard Essentials – This course will provide the fundamentals necessary to work within the new Blackboard Learn 9.1 system.  It is offered over a four-week period of time and available in both hybrid and online/virtual formats.

Online, Synchronous, Multi-Week Courses (required virtual meeting):

§  Mar 23- Apr 20 2011, CRN 2267 (meets every Wed 5-6pm Virtually)*

Hybrid, Synchronous, Multi-Week Courses (required lab meetings – on campus):

§  Mar 21- Apr 18 2011, CRN 2265 (meets every Mon 1-3pm WEC 2-112)*

§  Mar 22- Apr 19 2011, CRN 2266 (meets every Tues 1-3pm EAC 8-213)*

§  Mar 23- Apr 20 2011, CRN 2268 (meets every Wed 1-3pm OSC 2-116)*

*Please note the start date is when the course becomes available in Blackboard to review the orientation video and other important resources prior to attending the first facilitated session the following week.  

§  LTAD 2280 Selected Topics in Blackboard Essentials Workshops – These offerings are intended to be a quick, face-to-face, 2 credit hour session designed to help faculty master one single concept or skill in the Blackboard 9.1 Course Management Environment. The following sessions have been scheduled for our Spring 2011 semester:

o    Topic – Navigating Blackboard 9.1:

§  Mar 25, 2011, CRN 2256, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Adding Content to your BB9.1 Course:

§  Mar 18, 2011, CRN (2281), 10am-noon WPK 105

§  Apr 1, 2011, CRN 2257, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Communication Tools in BB9.1:

§  Mar 25, 2011, CRN (2282), 10am-noon WPK 105

§  Apr 8, 2011, CRN 2258, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Assignments & Assessments in BB9.1:

§  Apr 1, 2011, CRN (2283), 10am-noon WPK 105

§  Apr 15, 2011, CRN 2259, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Using the BB9.1 Grade Center:

§  Apr 22, 2011, CRN (2284), 10am-noon WPK 105

§  Apr 22, 2011, CRN 2260, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Monitoring Student Performance in BB9.1:

§  Mar 4, 2011, CRN 2254, 9-11am WEC 2-112

o    Topic: Maximizing Groupwork in BB9.1:

§  Mar 18, 2011, CRN 2255, 9-11am WEC 2-112

We realize that this has been a major challenge over the past year.  With your continued support and cooperation we will successfully complete this migration.




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